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Who Am I?
Unlike many here in Allegany County, I am NOT a native daughter. BUT, given a choice, I would NOT live anywhere else. Pure heaven!  

 I grew up in a family of four on the Jersey Shore. My father worked as a scientist, my mother kept house, and I squabbled with my younger sister.

But my story begins earlier. My parents were WWII refugees who fled Estonia when the Soviets pushed the Germans out in 1944. My mother was orphaned by the war, and my father’s father was killed when a bomb hit the building he had hidden in.

 My first language was Estonian, learning English through immersion in pre-school. As a bilingual, first generation American, I very much believe that everyone should have the opportunities my parents had.  
I discovered Allegany County as a young adult (now 30 years ago). I love the ruralness here; the greenery after the concrete walls of NYC, where I was enrolled in graduate school for Learning Psychology. I traded the cars for cows. Willingly. I love the weather here. I would much rather shiver in the winter here than swelter in the summer there. My husband and I came for his schooling and never left. We raised our son here.  
Languages are my first love, but journalism paid virtually nothing. So I went back to school for an MBA, graduating in 1996. I worked as an accountant at Alfred University for ten years.  
After living here for 30 years, I know it's a great place to live, but a hard place to make a living. Improving life here for everyone is the reason I am  running for county legislator. 
Issues I Want to Change

To that end here are the issues I’d like help change in our county:
Broadband Internet should made available to all at a reasonable price. With the pandemic we see how broadband is necessary, to keep everybody connected to a growing economy. School children need the broadband to learn and business need it to advertise their goods and wares.
Mass Transit and Roads need to be improved here in the county. As a rural county, we have a hard time getting places. Not only do the roads matter, but so does public transportation. Public transport is virtually non-existent.
Good jobs are needed here in Allegany County, especially as some of the manufacturing facilities have folded up shop, and COVID has closed the doors of many small businesses. Improving the viability of business is important for ALL of us. Jobs are the essence of being able to hold body and soul together. Manufacturing here is shrinking. Small businesses are stressed from the pandemic. Food insecurity is a real thing .
Working Families Party
Allegany County Democratic Commitee
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